Latham’s Adverts of Interest

Front cover of 'In The Absence Of Bats' by Laurence Latham.My own book of short stories – for a synopsis, see In The Absence of Bats on this site…

Description: 152 pages paperback (18cm x 11cm)
Published: 2003
Author: L V Latham
ISBN: 0 9512165 1 1
Price: £5.99
Available from:
Brendon Books, Taunton

Warning: Husbands have been known to complain to wives that they are laughing aloud too much when reading this book!

If you are interested in further fiction by the Latham family, my wife has written a novel entitled Peter McLeish, classified as a thriller.  You can learn more about it on her own website,

Front cover of 'Peter McLeish' by Deborah Latham.

Description: 371 pages paperback
(23cm x 15cm)
Published: 2014
Author: Deborah Latham
ISBN: 978-1-78132-294-9
Price: £10.99
Available from: Brendon Books, Taunton, SilverWood Books and Amazon

“Crime thriller and love story rolled into one, this page-turner will have you gripped from page one. Stop yourself from turning to the final pages to see how it all turns out because it’s worth taking the time to find out what makes these characters tick. Impressive debut novel.”
(Amazon review)

And while we’re on the subject of Deborah, here’s a reminder that you can visit her YouTube channel, where you will find, among other things, videos of Mark Barnwell (see below) and trailers re her ever-growing collection of ‘Doctor Who’ short stories (her target is one story for each incarnation of the Doctor up to and including the Twelfth Doctor).

I highly recommend any album by Mark Barnwell, an award-winning professional Spanish guitarist whose repertoire includes Latin, contemporary and world fusion as well as traditional Spanish music; he also plays as one of the members of guitar duo Esperanto.  His album Mandala won the One World Music Awards “Acoustic Guitar Album 2016”.

CD covers for albums by Mark Barnwell, Spanish guitarist.

He performed to great acclaim at the party celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. Deborah says the main problem she has listening to his music is that her cheek muscles start to ache because she enjoys his music so much that she can’t stop smiling!

For more information visit his website, where previews of his music are available on the Media > Music page.