Stories I Have Tried To Write

The Chimneypotamus.

Beware the Chimneypotamus!

Yes, that is a nod to M R James…  (Perhaps I should offer a further nod by adding, “Look on them again I dare not…“)




Association Croquet is almost invariably misrepresented when portrayed on screen, particularly when it appears as a background scene in a work of fiction. For example, the act of placing one’s foot upon a ball whilst playing a shot was outlawed under the rules as long ago as 1870. Nevertheless, this happens to be a game which I have played seriously since 1968, and frequently at tournament level, especially between the mid 1970s and the late 1990s.

These stories are, quite obviously, also works of deliberately bizarre fiction, but many of the references contained within them relate to the correct layout of the court and the genuine rules of the game, and even touch upon its history. In light of this, I have included a section of explanatory notes, primarily designed to accompany Reflections on Croquet in Wonderland, for the benefit of any non-playing reader who may be interested.

Reflections on Croquet in Wonderland originally appeared as a two-part story in the Croquet Gazette (issues 336 and 337), although shortly afterwards this publication ceased to accept lengthy items of fiction. The story was, however, subsequently posted on Croquet World Online Magazine in July 2012 at the request of its editor, Bob Alman. A Singular Case of Fictional Doubles – a totally unplanned sequel – eventually followed in February 2015, after the inclusion of Plus Twenty-Six And All That in July 2013.

Whether or not you are familiar with the rules of Association Croquet, I hope you will enjoy reading these stories.