Walton Lodge and OWLS

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Walton Lodge Preparatory School, Clevedon.

Walton Lodge Preparatory School, Clevedon (1963)

I entered Walton Lodge in September 1958 and left in July 1964.

During those six years there were many changes to the positioning of PDF logo. classrooms, the seniority of PDF logo. dormitories and the structure of the competing PDF logo. Sets.

Fortunately, none of these modifications matched the sweeping alterations which began in the autumn of 1964 with the demise of the playing fields and ended in July 1971 with the closure of the school.

In August 2013 I re-discovered a small collection of Walton Lodge memorabilia, consisting mainly of paperwork which had somehow escaped the waste bin decades earlier, at a time when its loss would probably have been considered as of no great consequence.

Walton Lodge Preparatory School Sports Day 1963.

Sports Day 1963  (for additional information see picture 12, ‘Photographs – Laurence Latham’)

I have provided links to the various items in the hope that they may now also be of interest to others.

Information based upon personal memory can only be “to the best of my knowledge and belief” and, of course, remains open to amendment.

PDF logo. Walton Lodge Prospectus circa 1958
The edition of the Walton Lodge prospectus issued to prospective parents in 1958.

PDF logo. A Short History of Walton Lodge and the Old Walton Lodge Society 1952
A short history of the school, presumably issued to prospective parents from 1952 onwards.

PDF logo. Official School Photograph 1958
Last updated 26 October 2018

PDF logo. Official School Photographs 1959-1964
This document includes a list of the names of pupils and staff for each of the above years to the extent memory originally allowed after a gap of around half a century, together with welcome additions from interested OWLS.
Last updated 23 March 2019

PDF logo. Official School Team Photographs – Rugby
PDF logo. Official School Team Photographs – Soccer
PDF logo. Official School Team Photographs – Cricket
These team photographs have been kindly contributed by those with considerably greater sporting ability than the author of this website and have now been split into the three categories above.
Last updated 17 August 2018

Further Pictures of Walton Lodge
PDF logo. Photographs – Laurence Latham
PDF logo. Photographs – contributed by Roger Smith
PDF logo. Photographs – contributed by Mr Donald Beechey, who joined the staff in the 1960s to teach French

PDF logo. Press Cuttings and Programmes re Sports Days 1964 and 1965 – contributed by Jeremy Graham New.

Extracts from The Waltonian
Last updated 16 December 2018

PDF logo. Walton Lodge Clothes List circa 1958
Clothes List issued in 1958. Cambridge shoes (Item 17) had already been removed as an alternative to sandals. Meanwhile, school stockings (Item 8) and rough coloured towels (Item 28) give pause for thought.

PDF logo. Walton Lodge School Concert Programme – Spring 1960
A programme from the School Concert performed in the gym during the Spring Term of 1960.

PDF logo. Walton Lodge School Concert Programme – Autumn 1960
A listing of the School Concert performed in the gym during the Autumn Term of 1960.

PDF logo. Walton Lodge School Concert Programme – Summer 1963
A listing of the School Concert performed in the gym during the Summer Term of 1963.

PDF logo. Walton Lodge Term Information – Autumn 1960
Information for the Autumn Term 1960 and a reminder of the days when the distribution of brand new ‘photocopies’ would invariably be accompanied by the whiff of methylated spirits. It is interesting to note that the dayboys were required to start this term on a Saturday.

PDF logo. Walton Lodge School Account (Fees and Charges) 1964
Account sheet for Summer Term 1964. The cost of rail travel shown as one shilling and five pence (7p) would have been a half (under 14) fare single from Clevedon to Weston-super-Mare (changing at Yatton).

PDF logo. Artwork by Susan Holmes – Walton Lodge Preparatory School

PDF logo. Old Walton Lodge Society Notice of Final Annual General Meeting 1971
Notice of the last ever Annual General Meeting of the Old Walton Lodge Society.

PDF logo. Lionel Charles Hamilton Palairet
An account of a possible world record set at Walton Lodge (circa 1880).

Laurence Latham (1964).

Laurence Latham age 13 (from the 1964 school photo)

In The Absence Of Bats includes three stories whose themes are based upon life at Walton Lodge. If you visit Stories I Have Tried to Write you will find the additional short tales A Step Too Far, The Great Ice Cream Strike and The Last Race, which were each created from genuine memory, assisted where necessary by a little factual information gleaned from The Waltonian.

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