(1) Pre-Digital Archive

Most of the following photographs were taken using a basic Instamatic camera, without any expectation they might one day become available to such a wide audience. During the 1980s and 1990s my work regularly involved travelling throughout large parts of Somerset, thereby enabling me to capture a variety of scenes.

Floodwater from the River Brue.

Water from the swollen River Brue escaping through the bank to cascade down onto the road between Glastonbury and Meare (c1983)

Utility pole truck by lightning.

Utility pole struck by lightning, Ebborways Farm, near Wookey Hole (Summer 1982)

Snow indoors!

This genuine indoor snow scene was the result of a cracked window and a blizzard. The picture was taken on the half-landing at my mother’s flat in Wellington, Somerset (1970s).


Overhanging snowdrifts on the B3187 near Langford Budville, West Somerset (December 1978)

The following snow scenes were taken in east Somerset,
in January 1982.

Frozen fountain at Dulcote.

The fountain at Dulcote after a long spell of sub-zero temperatures

Maesbury Halt under snow.

Maesbury Halt on the Mendip Hills. Once the summit of the Somerset & Dorset Railway, the line was closed in 1966 and the station later converted into a private residence.

Torr Quarry railway line under snow.

The railway line from Torr Quarry, East Cranmore, blocked by snow

Winter sunset between Frome and Shepton Mallet.

Winter sunset on a country road between Frome and Shepton Mallet

Winter scene near Frome.

Somewhere near Frome, a line of telegraph poles marches away into the darkening east at sunset

Snowdrifts at Sampford Arundel (1978).

Snowdrifts at Sampford Arundel after the blizzards of February 1978
(Deborah Latham)

(2) Digital Archive

Wave clouds.

Wave clouds above the Blackdown Hills

Crepuscular rays and clouds at sunset.

Crepuscular rays in early evening

Cloud formation preceding a storm.

Clouds before a storm

Sunrise over Sherford (December 2014).

Sunrise over Sherford (December 2014) (Deborah Latham)

Sunrise over Sherford (September 2016).

Chimneys at sunrise – Sherford (September 2016)

Circular sheet of ice being used as a table top.

The frozen content of an ornamental garden bowl lends a whole new meaning to having ice with your drinks

Lightning behind clouds.

Around 0100 hrs, 19 July 2017: Lightning over Sherford keeps within the clouds

Neighbouring houses illuminated by lightning.

19 July 2017: Neighbouring houses illuminated by distant lightning

Sherford illuminated by lightning.

19 July 2017: Houses and night sky illuminated by lightning much closer to hand

Lightning over Sherford Terrace (April 2018).

April 2018: Lightning over Sherford Terrace


April 2018: Another lightning strike over Sherford Terrace

Window glazed by freezing rain.

March 2018: Windows glazed by a rare occurrence of freezing rain